Our Story
Founded by master barber Mr Jackson, Huntsman is the premier shaving subscription club for men who expect the highest of standards. Mr Jackson opened his first barbershop in 1990. 28 years later he now owns a chain of high-end male grooming centres and has acquired knowledge and advanced techniques that only a few individuals in the UK can match.
Our Passion
Passion to share his experience and knowledge of male grooming and products is what inspired Mr Jackson to launch Hunstman - the quintessential shaving club. Performance, efficiency and experience are the principles that underpin Huntsman's mission to not only curate the finest shaving supplies from around the world but also to provide the exceptional tailored customer experience our club members expect.
Huntsman is the luxury-shaving brand that is inspiring a revival in male grooming. Classically presented in a traditional and elegant style. Huntsman is dedicated to pushing beyond the aesthetic appreciation of grooming, to instead inspire and enthuse men across the country and the globe to appreciate the art of shaving.
Refined and Exclusive
Huntsman provides an education for those who wish to understand the perfect shave, as well as those drawn to a classic British style.